Why do some of the settings in the settings menu require the skin to be refreshed to show up and some of them don't?

This is do to the frequency that particular settings are updated and the way that each setting has been implemented, though I've done my best to postfix each setting that requires a refresh with a *.

Can the skin automatically transition between using Spotify and Google Play Music?

Currently, the skin does not have this functionality, given the issues that may arise when both applications are open, even if only one application is actively playing music. Nevertheless, if enough interest is shown in this feature, it may be added in a future release.

Is it possible that this skin is interfering with other Rainmeter media player skins?

It is possible that if you are using two GPMDP or Spotify skins, that there may be some interference due to all measures sharing the same cover and default cover location. Developers are aware of these issues, although since occasions where users want to use two skins with similar functionalities are rare, this issue may or may not be addressed in the future. Though, if you are a user that has this issue, feel free to share your interest by submitting an issue here.

I'm having issues with the GPMDP Plugin, where can I find more troubleshooting information?

If you're unable to find the answer to your question here, I would recommend that you explore the Troubleshooting section of the GPMDP-Plugin wiki or if the question is regarding the integration with PlayMusic, submit an issue here.

There is a feature I would like to see added to PlayMusic, where can I let the developers know?

To ensure that your feature request is acknowledged, I would recommend you submit the request as an issue here.

I'm having an issue that isn't discussed here, where can I find help?

If the is regarding PlayMusic, I would encourage you to submit an issue here, so that it can be addressed as soon as possible.

I'd like to contribute to this project, where can I find information on doing so?

If you'd like to contribute to PlayMusic, feel free to take a look at the projects CONTRIBUTING.md.