Volume Control

In response to many users (myself included), using PlayMusic in conjunction with other visualizer skins, a highly-customizable visualizer has be integrated into the skin. These options include customizable coloring, performance, and scalability.

In order to maximize the accessibility of the skin, volume control has also been seamlessly added to PlayMusic. To utilize this functionality, simply scroll your scroll-wheel up or down while hovering your cursor over the skin, which will also display a visual indication of the volume level.


Accent Colors

Inspired by popular demand, PlayMusic is now able to provide the same wonderful experience for Spotify users with the seamless integration of the Spotify plugin for Rainmeter. All it takes is a single click to change the audio source of PlayMusic in the settings menu.

PlayMusic also features selectable accent colors, aimed to maximize customization and ensure that PlayMusic fits comfortably in any desktop layout. Additionally, PlayMusic now also features an adaptable accent color setting, which allows the skin to adapt its accent color to the artwork of the currently playing music.





The newest of the three, the round variant of PlayMusic has quickly become a favorite of many. Though, given the non-linear base, maintaining the flush alignment of the visualizer to the bottom of the skin can be a challenge while maintaining its scalability.

As the most adaptable of the PlayMusic variants, the square variant is a very popular choice. Though, due to its design, the legibility of this skin can be problematic when paired with certain album artwork. As a result, additonal settings have been added to the settings menu in order to combat this inconcistency.

The landscape variant of PlayMusic provides a simple format, where the information you need is always avaliable in a clean, accesible format. This variant is great compliment to the popular Enigma suite, or similarly themed skins.