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This program simplifies the process of searching, downloading and converting Youtube videos to MP3 files from the command-line. All you need is the video URL or the name of the artist/track you’re looking for.
The program will attempt to retrieve data for a song matching the provided input by querying the iTunes API and use the data to find a corresponding YouTube video, if a URL is not provided. The video will then be downloaded, converted, and the gathered data will be used to populate the metadata of the MP3.
Once finished, the resulting MP3 file will be saved to your Downloads directory, with the following file-structure Music/{artist}/{track}.mp3.

Note: If a URL is provided and no match is found for the song data, the program will prompt the user for the track/artist and the YouTube thumbnail will be used as the album artwork.

Getting Started


The program only requires that you have Python 3.4+ and ffmpeg or libav installed. For more information, check out the additional setup.


You can install the program with the following command:

$ pip install yt2mp3


The program can be executed via the as follows:

$ yt2mp3 [-options]


-t, --track Specify the track name query
-a, --artist Specify the artist name query
-u, --url Specify a Youtube URL or ID
-p, --playlist Specify a Youtube playlist URL or ID
-o, --overwrite Overwrite the file if one exists in output directory
-r, --resolution Specify the resolution for the cover-art
-q, --quiet Suppress program command-line output
-v, --verbose Display a command-line progress bar
--version Show the version number and exit
-h, --help Display information on usage and functionality

Note: Displaying the progress bar with the -v, --verbose flag currently has a significant impact on download performance, due to #180.


Further documentation is available on Read The Docs


If you’d like to contribute to the project, you can download and install the program with the following commands:

# Clone the repository / most up to date is on saftyBranch
$ git clone

# Navigate to the directory
$ cd yt2mp3

# Install program dependencies
$ pip install -r requirements.txt

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