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Atomic Delight

Atomic Delight

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Atomic Delight syntax and UI-themes are delightfully light variants of the popular [Atomic Monokai] syntax-theme and its corresponding [Atomic Design] UI-theme. Created with the knowledge that many programmers prefer to have both a light and a dark syntax-theme to cycle between, this syntax and UI–theme allows programmers to do so with a sense of familiarity.


These packages are distributed with [apm]. After installing apm, you can install these themes with the commands.

$ apm install atomic-delight-syntax
$ apm install atomic-delight-ui

After installation, these theme can be easily activated by going to the Themes section in the Settings view and selecting them from the UI and Syntax drop-down menus.



For more useful packages, check out my list of [Essential Atom Packages], which I’ll continue to keep up to date as I explore and familiarize myself with the editor and it’s community.



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