Brett Stevenson

Developer Designer Student


As a developer, I have experience in both front and back-end development and enjoy experimenting with new frameworks and platforms, while striving to create tools that myself and others can enjoy. Though I have experience working with a variety of languages and environments, more importantly, this experience has provided me with a deep and comprehensive understanding of the fundamental concepts of programming that allows me to easily adapt to new languages and environments.


Open Source
Developer 2015 – Current

Since my introduction to the open-source community, I’ve been inspired by the expansiveness of freely and cooperatively developing great software. This has led me to continuously create and contribute to a variety of open-source projects.

Web Development
Developer/Designer 2014 – 2015

Prior to pursuing a degree in Computer Science, I delved into web development when a group I took part in was in need of a website to coordinate meetings and events. This experience led to further freelance web development opportunities and the discovery of my love for programming.


Cal State Monterey Bay
Software Engineering 2018 – Current

Upon transferring to CSUMB, I've continued pursuing my degree in Computer Science with a concentration in Software Engineering.

Cabrillo College
Computer Science 2015 – 2017

Upon relocating to Santa Cruz, California, I enrolled in Cabrillo College where I began pursuing a degree in Computer Science, while also taking courses to explore my passions for graphic design and digital media.


Javascript 2017 – Current

An Electron-based markdown editor that aims to improve the accessibility of Jekyll as a blogging platform for developers and non-developers, alike.

Python 2018 – Current

A program that simplifies the process of searching, downloading and converting Youtube videos to MP3 files with metadata from the iTunes API.

Lua 2016 – Current

A Rainmeter skin that provides thousands of Google Play Music users the ability to easily access their active media from their desktop.

Much More...

Though, this is only a few of my many active projects and contributions. If you’d like to see more, feel free to explore more of my projects on GitHub.