I'm Brett


I'm a full-stack engineer with a passion for using technology to create unique and memorable experiences. I have experience working in a variety of languages, but I'm particularly fond of Python and Javascript.


An Electron-based markdown editor that aims to improve the accessibility of making beautiful documents with markdown
A command-line program that simplifies the process of searching, downloading and converting Youtube videos to MP3 files with metadata from the iTunes API
A Rainmeter skin that provides Google Play Music users the ability to access their music tastefully on their desktop
Gatsby plugin disqus
A Gatsby plugin that allows users to integrate Disqus comments into their websites
Atomic Design UI
A refined dark interface for Atom, featuring modifications that focus on improving the user experience and adaptability
A web app that aims to bring modern convenience to the democratic process. Created @ the 2018 Monterey Bay Startup Hackathon

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