• How do I use Hyde?
    Though there isn't an installer yet, using Hyde is simple. To use Hyde on any platform, you must first install npm and download Hyde from the project repo. Then simply run the following command from within the project directory:
    # Clone the repository
    $ git clone https://github.com/tterb/hyde

    # Navigate to the directory
    $ cd hyde

    # Install Hyde
    $ npm install -g ./
    Now, Hyde can easily be launched from anywhere using the following command:
    $ hyde <filename>

  • What is the keyboard shortcut to(...)?
    All of Hyde's keyboard shortcuts can be found here.

  • How do I set a Jekyll-frontmatter template?
    To set a frontmatter template for Jekyll posts, create a .yml file with only the frontmatter used in your Jekyll blog posts or you can also use the default template provided here. Once this file has been created you can set this as your frontmatter template by opening Hyde's settings menu (ctrl + ,), selecting the Frontmatter Template text-field and navigating to your created file.

  • Can I submit feature requests?
    Of course, the goal of Hyde is to create the most accessible markdown editor possible, and getting feedback from users is a huge part of that. I encourage you to submit feature requests here, where you can discuss your suggested feature with the developers.

  • I'm having an issue, where can I get help?
    If you encounter a bug or issue while using Hyde, the quickest and easiest way to find help is to submit an issue here.