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This Rainmeter skin provides Google Play Music users the ability to access their active media tastefully on their desktop. Featuring three variants, this skin displays the Album Artwork accompanied by the Title, Artist, and Album of the song being played, as well as the status of both the shuffle and repeat features. Additionally, this skin also includes a variety of supplementary features including a customizable visualizer, scalability, as well as volume control and minimization functionalities.

In Progress:

  • Add requested support for Spotify as well as other media players
  • Improve element color adaptability for light and dark album artwork
  • Add performance settings and further customization to visualizer




PlayMusic features square, round, and landscape variants, which in conjunction with its added scalability settings, guarantee its ability to compliment any desktop layout.


In order to facilitate easy customization, PlayMusic includes a highly intuitive settings menu, making configuration and modification a breeze. This menu will be launched upon installation, though it can also be accessed at any time by pressing the icon on any of the skin variants.

Accent Colors

The addition of selectable accent colors allows users to add a splash of color to their skin, while also allowing PlayMusic to tastefully adapt to any theme, layout, or wallpaper.


In addition to providing added functionality to the skin, the recent adoption of a highly customizable visualizer also allows one more way of making this skin your own.


By default, the skin displays a icon icon whenever GPMDP is inactive, conserving useful desktop space, while also serving as a convenient launcher for the application. Though this functionality, as well as the displayed icon can be modified or disabled in the settings menu.

Volume Control

This skin also features the ability to easily adjust your computers volume by simply scrolling up or down on the mouse-wheel with your cursor over the skin.


This skin requires you have Google Play Music Desktop Player installed to function properly. After installation, you must also enable Playback API in GPMDPs Desktop Settings, shown in the image below, as this allows GPMDP to interface with external applications.