Urban Dictionary Therapy is a simple command-line rehabilitation program for coping with those long frustrating days of programming. Utilizing this program and the information generously donated by the online community, you too can return to your work as a more successful, functioning member of society. More importantly, Urban Dictionary Therapy provides you with the much needed liberation without the temptations that come with opening up a new tab in your browser. Though, this is only one of the many wonderful ways this package can benefit your life. Maybe youre looking for a substitute for the obligatory fortune package in your command-line greeting or just simply looking for a way to expand your vocabulary? No matter the issue, Urban Dictionary Therapy provides a perfect answer to all your woes.

-s or —searchPrints a definition for the specified term
-a or —allPrints a whole page of definitions
-wotdPrints the ’Word of the Day
-h or —helpPrints a list of accepted arguments and their functionality


This package requires that you have Python 3, as well as BeautifulSoup4. On OS X and Linux systems Python 3 should be installed by default. Once Python is installed you can download BeautifulSoup with the command:

1$ pip3 install bs4

Note: To my knowledge, Python3 is also included in the new Bash on Windows linux-subsystem for Windows 10.

Furthermore, you can also make the program executable from anywhere in your filesystem with the command ./ by adding the program directory to your PATH and by modifying the program permissions using the command:

1$ chmod +x